250. Glorious Lord

250. Glorious Lord

1: Glorious Lord, oh gloriuos Lord

His holly life He has for us devoted

Let us lift up holly hands

And praise the Lord with the whole church

Chorus: Worthy, oh worthy is our Lord, so we want to sing Him the priettiest song

Song of His Church heading to Him, and nothing will ever make us stop

2: Glorious Lord, oh gloriuos Lord

In Him our new life is allowed

Life in light of our God

We whorship Him with pure hearts

3: In Jesus is day, in Jesus is day

Not night and day, but only day

His light always shines upon us

we live in day as a children of God

4: Glorious God, oh gloriuos God

He’s begotten us in Jesus Christ

He’s made us His daughters and His sons

He want us to be saints like Himself

5: Glorious God, oh gloriuos God

He gave us the spring of the water of life

From Jesus is flowing this water of life

Glory round about whole people of God

6: We live in Him, we live in Him

Winning in battles, He’s giving us

His Spirit is leading towards our goal

Giving us strenght to the holy life



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